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Deep Cuts #129, featuring Mike Keneally is now available for streaming!


mike keneally nick prolThis week, Mike Keneally joins us – talking about his new album, Scambot 2, as well as some of his favorite tunes from other artists.

Mike is a guitarist, pianist, singer, and composer who has worked with Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dethklok and others – and has cultivated a brilliant solo career for over 20 years.






Deep Cuts #128 – Mike Lieto solo show – is now available for streaming!

Mike ZappaOnce again Mike Lieto is raiding your airwaves! Ian sadly cannot join him as he is off exploring the vastness of West Virginia, or something of that sort. Fear not, dear listener. You are in good hands, as Mike has picked some juicy tuneage for this week’s edition of Deep Cuts.

Mike will be featuring a special segment called Live Crimson, a selection of tunes celebrating the diversity and power of the many bands known as King Crimson over their long and celebrated career. He plans on focusing on under-appreciated tunes and line-ups. In addition, he has gathered a diverse selection from his collection. Prepare to hear some Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, They Might Be Giants, Moulettes, and others.

All in all, you can expect a varied and fun show!

Deep Cuts #127 is now available for streaming!


IMG_9558It’s been unseasonably hot, so this week’s show is all about ‘drowning in summer’s cauldron.’ It’s a loose theme – we’re doing Summer songs, heat songs, sun songs and anything else that reminds me of the season.

Contains music by XTC, Frank Zappa, Mike Keneally, Faust, National Health, Univers Zero, Mr Bungle, Kate Bush, Rush, Pink Floyd, Jack o’ the Clock and more!


Deep Cuts #126 is now available for streaming!

Deep Cuts 126New music from Moulettes this week, anniversary tributes to Zappa‘s Waka / Jawaka and Jethro Tull‘s A Passion Play. More new Mike Keneally, plus Rush, Syd Barrett, Necromonkey!






Deep Cuts #124 is now available for streaming!

Deep Cuts 124Hi everyone! I’m back this week with new Mike Keneally, new Dweezil Zappa, new Jeremy Flower and new Pluck and Rail (members of Frogg Cafe). Also on the program, a tribute to Frank Zappa’sFreak Out! and Absolutely Free, Steve Hackett, Nik Bartsch, Faust and more!




Deep Cuts #123 is now available for streaming!

IMG_9203This week’s show is a bit of a ‘Low show’ – the sleep deprived, Father’s Day Special!

Features music by Richard Thompson, Zappa, Tull, Numinous, Cardiacs, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Spratley’s Japs, Mike Keneally, Roger Waters and more!


Deep Cuts #122 is All Request!

Hi everyone! This week’s show was All Request and features the music of Roy Harper, Cardiacs, Rush, Frank Zappa, Guerilla Toss, Knifeworld, Richard Thompson, John Martyn, King Crimson, Gentle Giant and more!


Deep Cuts #121 is now available for streaming!

IMG_9042Hi everyone! Fun show this week. We came in with a playlist of sorts and virtually ignored it. Lot’s of improvisation here and a few requests. Oh and Mike’s back!

This show features music from Bent Knee, Jack o’ the Clock, King Crimson, Deus ex Machina, XTC, Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention, Univers Zero, Roxy Music, Van der Graaf Generator, Jaga Jazzist and more!



Deep Cuts #120 is now available for streaming!

Show 120This week on Deep Cuts …

We’re FINALLY able to play the non-singles from Bent Knee‘s new record Say So, so that’s exciting. Also! New music from Deus ex Machina who were just signed to this year’s ProgDay festival, new music from Nik Bartsch’s Mobile, and new music from French TV.

Along with this, I’ll be doing some more tracks from the new Admirals Hard record, plus Charles Mingus, Nick Drake, Richard Thompson, Discipline (also signed to ProgDay) and more. Of interest to Bent Knee fans, we do have Ben Levin‘s new solo record which is some kind of weird avant hip-hop ordeal. I dig it.

Oh and we DO have the new Frank Zappa Road Tapes 3 disc, live from 1970!

Deep Cuts #119 is now available for streaming!

IMG_8720Hi everyone! This week’s show is mostly new stuff. New Yugen, new Panzerpappa, new Admirals Hard (sea shanties featuring members of Cardiacs, Stars in Battledress, and others), Ethiopia’s uKanDanZ, oriental influenced music from Zhongyu and, and …

Crimson. Knifeworld. Bent Knee. Wyatt? Eno? Alan Parsons Project? Sure!!





Deep Cuts #118 is now available for streaming!

Hi everyone! We’re back with music from Bent Knee, Knifeworld, King Crimson, and Three Trapped Tigers. Also tributes to Pete Zorn and Prince. What else? Join us on this Beltane Day and find out!

Deep Cuts #117 is now available for streaming!

IMG_8208We’re on tonight! (4/17) Here’s what I’ve got picked – new music from Knifeworld, Three Trapped Tigers, and Out of the Beardspace. King Crimson‘s Absent Lovers – Live in Montreal, Captain BeefheartRadar Station, Bowie / Eno. More. Mr. Technical Difficulties pays a visit (which I left in to preserve the moment for all of history) and so does a member of Frogg Cafe.

Deep Cuts #116 is now available for streaming!

8PAN1TDrummer Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth (Bent Knee) joins us again! We’ll discuessed the new Bent Knee album, Say So, plus a variety of progressive, experimental, weird pop, post punk, and any other interesting musics we felt like.

Deep Cuts #115 is now available for streaming!

Deep Cuts 115 CDsWe are back tonight! Here’s what we’ve got for you … the new King Crimson CD, Cardiacs’ Guns, Zappa’s Joe’s Garage, lot’s of Keneally (I can’t make up my mind), Horslips The Tain, Sonar, Ghost Rhythms … probably some other things too.



Deep Cuts #114 – Easter Theatre is now available for streaming!

IMG_7932Hi all! Join us this week for a very special show. No theme, but I did work in a bit of a spring motif into the proceedings. Not overtly.

Here’s what I’m bringing tonight – XTC’s Apple Venus, Tull’s Songs from the Wood, Robin Trower, Radiohead’s Ok Computer, the new Herd of Instinct album Manifestation, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Aranis, and a few others.

No Mikey tonight, just your humble narrator. Bring the ham, bring the wine.

Deep Cuts #113 is now available for streaming!

Deep Cuts 113 CDs
In my satchel of tricks for this week – Knifeworld‘s Bottled Out of Eden, ELP‘s Tarkus, BeatlesSgt Pepper (for George Martin), Celebrity Sideboob, Guerrilla Toss, Mingus, Trower, Wild Man Fischer, Skylarking.

Deep Cuts #112 is now available for streaming!

Deep Cuts 112 CdsHi all! We decided to keep this one pretty loose and improvisational (again), but here’s what I’ve got in my bag of tricks – Zappa and Beefheart‘s Bongo Fury, Bowie‘s Blackstar, Neu!, Jack o’ the Clock, new music from Elephant9, Etron Fou Leloublan, and more!

Join us!



Deep Cuts #111 is now available for streaming!

Deep Cuts 111 CDsOn this week’s program, I thought I’d dive into the archives and play some stuff we haven’t done before and some rare picks from our favorites. We don’t do too much Mahavishnu Orchestra (or fusion in general), so we’ll fix that! With Bent Knee rapidly exploding in the musical world, I thought I’d revisit them, along with some obscure live Van der Graaf Generator.

I also thought we’d take a look into Gutbucket, a ‘jazz-punk’ group who have been gaining some traction and playing out a lot of late, along with two of everyone’s favorite three-letter bands, XTC and CAN!

Join us!

Deep Cuts #110 – Prepare to ‘Wing’ It!

Deep Cuts 110 CDsHi all! Busy week with school n’at, so we made this one up on the spot. We had songs to play – I didn’t know which ones and certainly not in which order we would play them in. We took requests and there might also be a homemade synthesizer demonstration.

Meet you at the end.







Deep Cuts #109 is now available for streaming!

A Valentine’s Day special for the rest of us

Deep Cuts 109 CDs Valentine's DayAh yes, Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves Valentine’s Day, right?

Yeah. I rolled my eyes a little too. So, last time when Mike and I were wrapping up the show, we announced that the next program would in fact be on February 14th, known to many of us as a culmination of a month’s worth of sickening pink hearts, sappy movies, and chocolate. Okay, that last one’s not so bad, but you get me, right?

One of us (we’re going to say Mike) suggested that we do a Valentine’s Day Special, to which I said NO. Then I thought about it – soon, a sinister Grinchly grin appeared on my face and I set off to work.

The playlist for this show has been constructed with a couple of buzz words in mind – we want to present a Valentine’s Day Show that is honest and occasionally ironic, with occasional flashes of real sweetness and sentiment. Just like the holiday itself.

So join us! Grab a box of sweets and maybe a bottle of wine (hold the sappy movies) as we suffer through yet another Valentine’s Day – this time with the likes of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, XTC, Pixel, Bent Knee, They Might be Giants, Jellyfish, Max Tundra, Robert Wyatt, Peter Hammill, Richard Thompson, and more!


Deep Cuts #108 is now available for streaming!

IMG_7029Hi everyone!

First up on this week’s show, we’ve got new music from Steven Wilson‘s EP 4 1/2. This is a brand new release comprised mostly of studio outtakes (and one live outtake!) from the last two solo albums. It’s mostly very, very good and we’re excited to share it with you!

Also on the program, we’ll be looking at some extremely fascinating electronic works – first up from Max Tundra, who I was lucky enough to hear on the Interesting Alternative Show a few weeks back. His stuff rests somewhere between the pop-prog of Keneally and the more ‘impossible’ musics of Mats / Morgan.

On top of this, I’ve got some Gentle Giant, Zappa, a birthday tribute to Robert Wyatt, Bowie, This Heat and more!

Deep Cuts #107 is now available for streaming!

bowie blackstarHi there all!

I’m back once again this week with what seems to be another episode of memorial tributes. I certainly hope this doesn’t become the norm, but such is life, I suppose.

First off, we’ll be paying tribute to David Bowie, an artist I admit I haven’t spent too much time with. I heard him in high school in the height of my ‘prog’ phase when everything had to be tricky and uncomfortable and sound like Frank Zappa. Well, my tastes have matured in recent years and have come to appreciate good pop music too.

I’ve spent a bit of time exploring Bowie this week, but not as much as I’d like. His stuff is fiendishly difficult to come by these days, as I’m sure you all know, but I did manage to get ahold of his new record Blackstar which is quite frankly amazing. It’s darkly electronic, eerie, inventive, and rocks hard in places too. I don’t claim to know much about the man’s work, but if his final work is any indication, he went out absolutely on top of his game.

Also on the program, I’ll be taking a look at the new remix of King Crimson‘s Thrak. Jakko Jakszyk, who Deep Cuts 107 CDscurrently sings for the band, did the work this time and it would seem he’s thrown out the rulebook and reinterpreted the album in his vision. I’m usually not in favor of revisionism, but in this case I think Jakszyk did a fine job of uncovering the layers of what is an exceptionally dense album. Does it replace the original mix? No. But it does shine new light and clarity on an overlooked album. Worth your time.

On the subject of memorial tributes, I’ll be playing some Gong and Magma in honor of manager Giorgio Golmesky who passed on this week. Golmesky managed the Stones, formed The Yardbirds, and organized concerts for the two aforementioned progressive bands. Obviously a man with incredible vision and taste.

Lastly, you can expect some Zappa, Dukes of Stratosphear, Kate Bush, and more!

You can now stream Deep Cuts #107 here:

Stream Vinyl Confessions, Stream Deep Cuts #106!

vinyl confessions ian beabout (2)Hi there everybody!

Sorry to have gone silent for awhile, but I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season. I’ve spent much of the time recharging and listening to some terrific music that I just can’t wait to share with you!

I wanted to let you know that I made my return to the online radio fold this weekend, first as a cohost Saturday morning and then on Deep Cuts this Sunday. Saturday, I guested on Nick Katona’s excellent Vinyl Confessions program, along with Mike Maffei and Ken Roberts. Nick’s approach is quite a bit different to mine – he plays an entire side of a vinyl record at a time, so expect quite lengthy musical excursions as well as long discussions!

You can now stream this appearance here:


Deep Cuts is back and for our first show of 2016, Mike and I have decided to play only things we’ve never played before. This includes brand new music from Dweezil Zappa and his first record of new material in some 10 years, Via Zammata’.

Also for you Zappaphiles, we’ll be looking at the new 200 Motels: The Suites release, two discs of uncensored (!) deep cuts 106 cdsorchestral Frank Zappa recorded by the LA Philharmonic at Walt Disney Hall in LA! This features some really amazing warts ‘n all performances of the composer’s classical works, complete with a choir and Zappa alum Ian Underwood (woodwinds) and Scott Thunes (bass) as featured performers!

We’ve also got a couple of reissues to contend with. Oh boy! Cardiacs with The Seaside (Original Edition) and Steven Wilson‘s remix of Gentle Giant‘s Octopus. Steven Wilson‘s work requires no introduction, but the Cardiacs disc is quite interesting as many of these recordings have been unheard for some 30 years!

After that, with whatever remaining time we have left, we’ll be diving into some other fun stuff like The Stranglers, Brian Eno, Hawkwind, and Syd Barrett.

You can now stream Deep Cuts #106 here:

Deep Cuts 105 is now available for streaming!
The Best of 2015


progrockdeepcuts (2)Hullo der!

On the final episode of the year, Mike and I are once again joined by blogger Raffaella Berry to take a look at some of our favorite releases of the year! Features great music from Guapo, Necromonkey, Hands, Schnellertollermeier, Sonar, William D Drake, 3RDegree, echolyn, The Tea Club, Steven Wilson and more!

 See you in 2016.


Deep Cuts 104 is now available for streaming!
Bent Knee’s Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth Joins Us

gavin wallace ailsworthHi there everyone!

On this week’s show, we are joined by Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth, drummer of Bent Knee!

Since we last spoke, Bent Knee are exploding in the world of progressive music. They’ve nearly finished their new record, been signed to the legendary Cuneiform Records, and have even planned a trip to Europe in the Summer!

With all of that and even more exciting opportunities on the horizon, Gavin takes a breather and sits down to chat music with us. This episode features music from Cardiacs, Zappa, The Residents, Laurie Anderson, Peter Gabriel, CAN, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Henry Cow, and more!

Deep Cuts 103 is now available for streaming!
Never Too Old to (Prog) Rock ‘n Roll …


deep cuts 103Hi all! This week’s show features the new Tull boxed set, “Too Old to Rock ‘n Roll: Too Young to Die TV Special Edition”. This includes, but is not be limited to, a completely alternate version of the album – plus unreleased tracks and rare things. Woah!

It’s also got some other great stuff.




Deep Cuts 102 is now available for streaming!

Italian feature, with Special Guest Raffaella Berry

raffHi all! As I emerge from my Turkey coma, I’m happy to share this episode which features my good friend Raffaella Berry! Raffaella, a native Italian, is a noted blogger (www.progmistress.com), an expert on progressive music of the past, and one of the modern progressive rock scene’s biggest supporters.

For this show, Raffaella brought some of her favorite Italian progressive music from all through the ages. To supplement this, Mike has chimed in with a few choice cuts and I’ve sprinkled a few in as well.

This episode is an education for all of us – particularly your humble narrator, who is far from an Italian prog or RPI expert! If nothing else, laugh as I struggle to pronounce, and ultimately butcher, famous Italian band names!

Stream Deep Cuts 101!

Ian from Ashley 3 (2)Here it is, folks, the show that almost didn’t happen!

So, I initially was going to take this week’s show off and relax following the 100th show specials. But, as luck would have it, I felt the call to broadcast today and I just couldn’t resist! I certainly had the material.

The idea was to do something different. Instead of the pomp of the previous shows, I wanted to spread out and visit some less obvious choices; perhaps even some old friends I hadn’t played on the show for awhile. I was also looking for quirk, for fun, and most importantly – variety.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with! I do think it was one of my best shows and I had a really great time stretching the definition of ‘prog’ to the breaking point. It is a silly word, isn’t it?

Deep Cuts #100 is now available for streaming!

The Albums that Built Deep Cuts (Part 2)

Ian from Ashley 1 (2) - CopyHi all! On this week’s Deep Cuts, it’s time for the big one!

To celebrate the 100th episode, we’ve dedicated this show to a very special theme – The Albums that Built Deep Cuts.

Essentially what this means is the albums that shaped the direction of the show and our tastes as music fans will be featured. As I’m sure you can imagine, there’s quite a large number of tunes to pick from – the initial playlist for this show and the one prior, was some 10 ½ hours.

This episode features CardiacsNecromonkey, Knifeworld, and Chrome Hoof – right next to classic stuff like Zappa, Tull, National Health, Gentle Giant, XTC, King Crimson, and so much more! All of this will culminate in a Deep Cuts rarity – the airing of a complete classic album which we will reveal at the end of the show.


Deep Cuts #99 is now available for streaming!

deep cuts collagePart 1 of the Albums that Built Deep Cuts special, this features Diablo Swing OrchestraGalactic Cowboy Orchestra, Gosta Berlings Saga, and Jack o’ the Clock – right next to classic stuff like ZappaWhite Noise, Hatfield and the NorthXTC, Van der Graaf Generator, Henry Cow, and so much more!



Deep Cuts #98 is now available for streaming!
The Return of the Son of the Giant Halloween Show!


deep cuts 98 halloween collageHere it is folks, my favorite show of the year! Yes, I realize it’s a bit belated, but any chance to play creepy music, I’ll take! What makes the Halloween show special is that it’s the only show I plan for year round, and it’s always in the back of my mind when I hear something particularly spooky while exploring my collection or adding new titles. It is also the only show I specifically buy records for (Bob Drake‘s The Skull Mailbox and Devil Doll come to mind).

So, sit back and make yourself comfortable! This upload features the music you can only play on one night of the year. This episode features music by Univers Zero, White Noise, Comus, The Residents, Jethro Tull, Zappa, and more!

Deep Cuts #97 is now available for streaming!


deep cuts 97 collageHi everyone! This was a fun show to do and I believe it smacks of classic Deep Cuts. What you must know is that, prior to broadcasting, I ingested copious amounts of Zappa‘s Roxy DVD and it gave me this crazy, goofy energetic high that somehow sneaked into my selections. So, eerily recalling the days when I was starting out and excessively nervous, I took my heartbeat as a tempo on a lot of this and played some really fast moving stuff.

This episode also developed a European theme by accident – we have such diverse nationalities represented as Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland, and even Romania. I don’t play as much foreign language prog as I’d like, so I’m very proud that this show is heavy on non-English speaking bands.

Another theme that developed is a focus on new releases. This made it very fresh to me and I even got to play a tune I’d never heard before. The MoonJune record label is featured heavily, too – with new releases from Slivovitz, Marbin, and Dwiki Dharmawan. Also some AltRock by way of Polite Refusal and Reve General, and Cuneiform by way of Chrome Hoof and Sonar. Only the best.

We end up, however, somewhat predictably at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, with one of the greatest bands of all time. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. The year is 1973 – and boy, is it a scorcher.

Join us!


Deep Cuts #96 is now available for streaming!
Songs for Ships and Seas


rock bottom robert wyattHi all! This week’s Deep Cuts is a swashbuckler …

And what is swashbuckling? Well, if I could tell you, you’d be the first to know. What I do know is that ‘swashbuckling’ has a lot to do with the sea and not a whole lot in common with buckles or swashes, and so does this week’s Deep Cuts!

So, I think this theme came to Mike and me through repeated sessions of Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom and perhaps even Cardiacs’ seafaring adventures at the Seaside, aboard “Big Ships”, On Land and in the Sea, or even “Shaping the River” with The Sea Nymphs. Or maybe it was visiting Long Island for the first time last April and getting to hear the waves crash against the beach for the first time in my life. Either way, we both realized that – like the animals theme of yestershow – our musical heroes dug all things wet and aquatic, just like we do.

After the warm reception to the animals show, we were definitely looking to do another theme show. So, we came up with the sea theme around about that time, and – after a series of new releases we were excited to feature, interviews with musicians we really like, and other non-show related life things, we kept putting off the poor old sea show. We even drafted early playlists as far back as May, but something just kept getting in the way. No more!

This week’s show follows the same general rule that the animals show had. Anything watery is fair game, though if there’s a sea or ocean reference in the band name, that’s a bonus. Band names only with an aquatic theme are not up for inclusion, it must be songs.

Shiver me timbers!

(A note that Mike did appear on this show, but a technical snafu meant that I lost 2/3’s of the recording and had to rerecord the intros.)


Deep Cuts #95 is now available for streaming!


me mixing board - CopyHi all!

This started out life as an All Request Show, but it very quickly diverged from that into something very different!

Although it is based on requests, I didn’t receive too many, so I ended up deciding a lot of the playlist myself. In other words, classic Deep Cuts!

This episode was broadcast on the weekend that both Frank Zappa’s “Hot Rats” and King Crimson’s “In the Court of the Crimson” celebrated their 46th anniversaries, so I pay tribute to both classics quite early on.

This episode also features music from across the spectrum of progressive music, including Jethro Tull, Jack o the Clock, Bent Knee, Necromonkey, Art Zoyd, Richard Thompson, Caravan, Knifeworld, Van der Graaf Generator and more. I hope you enjoy!


Deep Cuts #94 is now available for streaming …
Sean Tonar of Progressive Ears Joins us!

sean tonar guitar stanin photograpyHello friends! On this week’s Deep Cuts, we are joined Sean Tonar!

In addition to creating the first Progressive Rock discussion forum in the days of the big bad 90s, ProgressiveEars, Sean is also lead guitarist of the Atlanta based fusion band Story of a Life. For his Deep Cuts appearance, we played music from some of his favorite artists from the progressive, pop, and fusion spectrums, talked music, and played some cuts from Story of a Life’s self titled debut.

We hope you can join us!


Deep Cuts #93 is now available for streaming!
Bent Knee join us!


bent kneeHello friends! On this week’s Deep Cuts, we will be joined by the members of Boston’s Bent Knee!

Bent Knee, for those of you who are unaware, is a truly terrific modern art rock group who defy categorization, description, and any superlatives you can throw at them. It’s not about ‘look at us play hard music’ for these guys – no, not at all. What Bent Knee do that sets them apart from the crowd, is tap into real, human emotions in an almost theatrical sense.

And before you start thinking Marillion, you are wrong. So, so wrong! Vocalist Courtney Swain’s delivery is akin to the drama one might associate with that of classic Peter Hammill, without sounding anything like him or Van der Graaf Generator at all. Musically, these guys are all over the map – elements of theatricality, elements of metal, elements of Americana, elements of avant garde.

This is pure Sturm und Drang, folks and oh boy is it progressive and exciting. White knuckle moments sit next to moments of calm beauty and simplicity, avant metal crunch sits next to moments of serenity. And the best part is – they don’t even really sound like classic prog at all, while embodying all of the elements that makes good progressive rock so enduring. And the songwriting is deep. To me, Bent Knee are one of the best things happening today and it’s an honor to have these folks join us on the program.

I kick off at 6 with a short set (including new music from Muffins’ alum David Newhouse), and Bent Knee are expected to join us around 7 pm!

See you soon.

Deep Cuts #92 is *finally* available for streaming!

mikeHi all! Prog Rock Deep Cuts #92 is *finally* available for streaming!

Sorry for the late upload. Due to the fact that I’ve been sick for about a week (and the cat keeps hogging the computer), I’ve been slow with getting this particular episode up for your listening enjoyment.
Although we had announced previously that Bent Knee would be joining us, unfortunately I fell ill with the first cold I’ve had in a very long time and was unable to perform my hosting duties. Luckily Mike stepped up to the plate and did a wonderful job, as you will hear. Bent Knee will be on September 27th, so all is well in DeepCutsLand and balance has been restored to the force.
This show features music from Zs, Ut Gret, Upsilon Acrux, echolyn, Henry Cow, Flaming Lips, and lots more. The original broadcast closed out with Kate Bush’s “Ninth Wave” (side 2 of Hounds of Love) in it’s entirety, however it would be against Ape Law to include all 7 tracks from the same artist and album (make that Mixcloud’s US licensing rules), so we had to truncate it down to 2. Shame, really, it’s a brilliant song cycle and you should all seek out the original album if you haven’t, but that’s the way we all go.
Happy happy!

Listen to This Show:


Deep Cuts #91 – Sonar, Pixel, King Crimson, Caravan, Frith, Ut Gret, XTC


sonar black lightHi all! After a week off, Deep Cuts is back this week to bring you some more crazy imaginative music …

This will be a show based heavily in new music including a couple of really terrific albums released on Cuneiform next month. First up, some brand new music from Sonar, the Swiss ‘post minimal’ group whose name stands for SOnic ARchitecture. Basically, these guys are for fans of mid period Crimson with no small amount of Nik Bartsch thrown in. Enthusiasts of the Devil’s Interval (the immortal tritone) will find lots to love here too. Turn this up and it shakes the floor. Prepared to get lost in this stuff.

Also on the program, new music from Norway’s Pixel. Led by the unbelievably gorgeous vocal talents and double bass work of Ellen Andrea Wang, Pixel bring a unique take on jazz with a decidedly lean pop restraint when it comes to songwriting and arrangement (and yes, solos). Basically, these guys don’t waste time and make every note count. The new record, Golden Years, continues in this direction; however this time they seem to be edgier and more experimental than before. Don’t miss it.

Alongside this, we’ll be taking a trip back in time to 1974, joining King Crimson at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, PA for a fiery set from this classic collective. You can expect some Caravan and Fred Frith to sit next to the mighty Crim, plus some Ut Gret, XTC, Robert Wyatt and so much more!

Listen to This Show:


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