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So, I always envisioned Deep Cuts as a promotional tool for progressive rock all through the ages, but I never considered that people would be interested in actually covering the show itself! As you know, the main attraction is the music and the hosts are of lesser importance. That said, a few nice articles have popped up over the last year or two and I thought it might be a good idea to collect them! To read the photos, simply click them to enlarge. Links have been provided where applicable.

Article in The Trumpet at West Liberty University

Article on Zachary Nathanson’s Music from the Other Side of the Room


Article in Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine and The Trumpet’s in-print edition

Deep Cuts in Prog Magazine 1 Deep Cuts in Prog Magazine 2Homo Erraticus Story in Trumpet  








A nice audio-only interview conducted by my friend, Iris Hidding.


Ever wanted to know what I’d say if I spoke Spanish? Well, Deep Cuts got a nod on César Inca Mendoza Loyola’s review of Minstrel in the Gallery – La Grande Edition! (Spanish only)

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