Romantic Warriors 3 – Canterbury Tales Review

Romantic Warriors Canterbury tales coverRomantic Warriors 2 – About Rock in Opposition arrived at a time in my life when quite a lot of things were changing for me. I had just finished my first year at college and had been a fan of classic progressive rock pretty much my entire life. In June of 2012, I discovered that the world of progressive rock was bigger and more vibrant then I’d ever dreamed it to be when I went to the North East Art Rock Festival (NEARfest) in Bethlehem, PA to see Van der Graaf Generator and left a fan of bands I’d never heard of before such as Aranis, Anglagard, and Gosta Berlings Saga.

During the course of the festival, I met filmmakers Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder who had just released the second film in the Romantic Warriors documentary film series. I had heard of Rock in Opposition and had owned a handful of albums by people like Univers Zero, Henry Cow, and Magma, but not much more, so I purchased it not quite knowing what to expect. When I saw this documentary, the very human story at its core – the struggle of the idealistic musician vs. the music business machine – ignited a passion for this little known and under-appreciated subgenre that has lasted through this very day. Continue reading “Romantic Warriors 3 – Canterbury Tales Review”